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Welcome to Starline Airways

Starline Airways is a virtual airline, started during the spring 2013. It rely solid on technical solutions not found at any other virtual airline. At Starline Airways we believe that the hobby of flight simulation should be conducted whenever you have the time and desire for it. Therefore we have no requirements for our members to preform a specified amount of flights or flight time each month.

Except for an easy to use professional designed website, you'll also find your own personal Electronic Flight Bag to help you with calculations, weather, fuel, charts Etc.
26 December

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year

On behalf of the captain and his crew we'd like to wish you alla Marry Christmas and Happy NewYear! :)

We will try to listen to your wishes and form a VA thateverybody enjoys :)
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Edgar Friedmann2020-01-18
Sandesh Thapa magar2019-12-09
tigran galstyan2019-11-27
Edward Kjellén2019-10-09
Justin van Tuil2017-10-15
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9 November

Give us your ideas!

Let us know what you think we should do to get this VA started!
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