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About Starline Airways


Starline Airways is a non-commercial virtual airline, available to flight simulator enthusiasts all over the world. We are offering virtual pilots more realism to their hobby, without complicating things.

Starline Airways was founded in 2013, with the goal of offering professionalism and realism to their members in a way that they themselves can decide just how realistic they want to preform their flights, by decide if they want to fly according to the departure time given in the timetable or depart earlier/later.

The decision of for example, to depart on the actual time of departure or not will impact the total experience points given for each flight. A members rank within the airline is then based on his total experience, which is an indication of how much time a user has spent on activity’s at Starline Airways.

Technical solutions

All our systems are proprietary from scratch. Which includes systems for flight booking, flight planning, flight reporting, forum etc. That all systems are proprietary is important to us, as all systems are connected to give our users the best experience of his career at Starline Airways.

All calculations and systems are working in real time to for example calculate fuel and log flights. In this way, the normal time that other virtual airlines takes to update their sites with reports etc. is eliminated.

We are constantly working on improvements with our systems, and our members ideas and suggestions about these are very important to us.

Airline Operations

Starline Airways serves more than 18 routes, varying in length.

In normal flight operation the short haul and regional destinations is operated with Boeing 737-700, medium distance and charter is operated with Airbus A321 and long haul is operated with a Boeing 777-200.

The fleet livery with Starline Airways company colours and logo is available for download once logged in.

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