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As a member of Starline Airways, your time spent in Flight Simulator will get alot more meaningful. Instead of just aimlessly flying around to different destinations you will be flying according to our timetable and at the same time collect flight hours with Starline Airways.

You can easly book a flight with our booking system, after your booking you will be granted access to our Electronic Flight Bag where you get all the information needed for your flight. Such as route, weather, notam, fuel calculations, charts et.c.

The membership is totaly free of charge, and the only requirment is that you have a valid VATSIM and/or IVAO account. All you need to do is fill in the information required in the ”Apply here” registration form. Afterwards you'll get a confirmation e-mail to confirm your e-mailaddress.

No compulsion

Fly whenever you got the time and desire. In comparision to many other virtual airlines we have no compulsion for our pilots to fly a certain number of flights/hours to avoid being removed.

Sign up

To sign up, click on ”Apply here” in the menu to the left.

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